T.w² | S. ♡♥: dont let go and ill hold you forever
T.w² | S. ♡♥: ima break things inside of you kitten
T.w² | S. ♡♥: you dont reply for three minutes and i think the taliban abducted you
T.w² | S. ♡♥: i started making calls to see who's selling a cute beaner chick T.w² | S. ♡♥: then you reply
T.w² | S. ♡♥: when we first started being together all those months ago you said i should be careful because you're hella clingy and i said no worries, I'll cling back and it'll be cute
T.w² | S. ♡♥: Here's me clinging back babe

smol: daddy
smol: i need cuddle

smol: daddy
T.w² | S. ♡♥ : yes my love
smol: i was about to say something really fucking kinky
T.w² | S. ♡♥ : but...?
smol: nuu